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Neurology department at CHNU de Fann
The Department of Neurology at the Centre Hopitaliere National Universitaire (CHNU) de Fann in Dakar is home to a significant proportion of Senegal's neurology specialists and a large number of neurology residents and fellows from several African countries. Founded in 1957 by the late Professor Pierre Ibrahima Ndiaye, the first associate professor of neurology in Francophone Africa, the neurology department cares for patients with neurological diseases through the neurology inpatient service and the neurology outpatient clinics. Neurodiagnostic services include EEG, EMG, video monitoring, evoked potentials and neuro-radiology. With a vibrant academic atmosphere and closely connected to the University Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar (, the Neurology Department at CHNU de Fann is one of the only four centres accredited by the World Federation of Neurology ( for Neurology training in Africa.

Neurogenetics clinic Dakar
The Neurogenetics clinic takes place regularly on Wednesdays and Fridays at the Neurology Department of Centre Hospitaliere National Universitaire (CHNU) de Fann, located in Av. Cheikh Anta DIOP BP: 5035 Dakar. The starting time is 14:00 on Wednesdays and 12:00 on Fridays. Consultations for patients and families with rare genetic diseases are provided free of charge. Please contact us in advance if you would like to book an appointment.
What happens in clinic?
When you arrive at the Neurogenetics Clinic, the doctors will take your medical history and review the information in your medical record and previous results. They will also ask you about your family history and draw a pedigree or family tree if necessary. They will carry out a neurological examination, which is a physical examination to identify signs of disorders affecting your brain, spinal cord and nerves (nervous system). 

The neurological examination may include an assessment of:
  • Mental status (cognition) and speech.
  • Cranial nerve function (nerves of the head and face).
  • Muscle strength, coordination and tone.
  • Reflexes 
  • Perception of sensation in different parts of your body to different stimuli, such as touch and vibration.
  • Gait and mobility.
  • The spinal cord

At the end of the consultation, the doctors will give patients and families advice and recommendations. If the clinical symptoms and medical history are suggestive of a genetic disease, they will be advised to undergo genetic testing.
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