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Highest ethical standards

Research ethics governs the standards of conduct of scientific researchers. Respecting ethical principles is essential to protect the rights, dignity and well-being of research participants. In line with the highest ethical standards, the SENEGENE research study has been reviewed and approved by the National Ethics Committee for Health Research in Senegal (CNERS), a body of the Ministry of Health and Social Action, under reference number SEN2021/19. Annual updates are provided on a regular basis to the CNERS that monitors the continuity and progress of the study.
Our principles of research ethics
  • Minimising the risk of harm

  • Respect the rights and dignity of participants in the research

  • Gain informed consent prior to starting the research

  • Ensure anonymity and confidentiality at each stage of the research

  • Carry out analysis of the findings with honesty and integrity

  • Providing the right to withdraw

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