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DNA Strand

Training in genomic mecicine

What is Genomic Medicine?

Genomic medicine is an emerging medical concept that involves the use of patients' genomic information as part of their routine clinical care, including clinical diagnosis or therapeutic decision-making. Today, genomic medicine is already having an impact in the field of undiagnosed and rare genetic diseases, but also in other disciplines such us oncology, pharmacology, and infectious diseases. 
Try out the Genomics Platform

Are you curious about genomic medicine? You can start by trying out the Genomics Platform and exploring 50x WGS data for an Illumina Platinum HapMap trio processed using the RD-Connect standard analysis pipeline. Several trios (father-mother-child) have been generated and real causative variants were spiked-in. You can download the clinical description of these pseudo-cases before you start.
Training for doctors

Training is available to doctors and researchers at UCAD, CHNU de Fann and other Hospitals in Senegal interested in genomic medicine. We provide regular training through the use of the GPAP platform for the analysis of SNVs and indels. More advance training for the analysis and interpretation of mitochondrial and structural variants (CNVs, SVs, STRs, etc.) is available upon request.
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